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Volume 10, Number 1January 30, 2020

Report on the Quest to Find the Cause of Human Aging

'Well, I'm back.' he said.[1]

Publication of this newsletter was temporarily halted at the beginning of 2003 as I embarked full time on a quest to discover the cause of human aging. At the time, I expected to be back to resume publication a year later. I expected "to bring the longevity research to a definitive conclusion"[2] within that single year. That was seventeen years ago. I am seriously late. But I have returned at long last, and I am happy to report that my quest to discover the cause of human aging has ended successfully.

How to Cure Aging

I have found[3] that human aging today results from dietary deficiency of two previously unknown vitamins. Before Noah's Flood, these vitamins were being produced in the atmosphere. From there, they got into raindrops which fell to the earth, and from there they got into streams and ponds, and from there they got into people who used the streams and ponds as sources of drinking water. As a result, pre-Flood people lived for nearly a thousand years.

Today, these vitamins are no longer naturally available. The Flood broke their natural production in the atmosphere. As a result, every man, woman, and child on Earth today suffers an ultimately fatal vitamin deficiency disease. We call this disease "aging." This disease kills us at very young ages relative to our pre-Flood ancestors. Very few people now survive to even a hundred years.

The good news is that the disease of aging can now be cured. As with other vitamin deficiency diseases, such as scurvy or beriberi, the remedy is quite simple. It is only necessary to begin to take the deficient vitamin in adequate daily amounts to cure the deficiency disease.

There are two closely related vitamins needed to cure aging: methylphosphonic acid (MePA) and methylphosphinic acid (MePiA). Not wanting to suffer aging, I formulated, for my own use, a dietary supplement containing these two vitamins. I use it every day. My wife, Helen, uses it every day too.

This formulation, in a small dropper bottle, is now available as "Dr. Aardsma's Anti-Aging Vitamins." You no longer need to go on suffering aging either. The cure is as simple as taking a few drops of Dr. Aardsma's Anti-Aging Vitamins in a glass of water each day.

Uniqueness of the Anti-Aging Vitamins

There is a vast galaxy of dietary supplements available commercially today. Dr. Aardsma's Anti-Aging Vitamins are also a dietary supplement, but they stand absolutely alone. They are not like any other dietary supplement, and their vital nutritional role cannot be filled by any other dietary supplement.

Modern nutrition recognizes two categories of nutrients: essential, and nonessential.[4] Essential nutrients are characterized by the fact that they must be present in your diet in adequate amounts or you will develop a nutritional deficiency disease and become sick. All of the vitamins, including the anti-aging vitamins MePA and MePiA, are essential nutrients.

Commercially available dietary supplements may be formulated from many different dietary ingredients. Some of these ingredients may be essential nutrients, but that does not make the dietary supplement essential. In fact, some doctors argue against use of unprescribed dietary supplements, observing that the essential nutrients can be obtained simply by eating a properly balanced diet.

This bit of wisdom fails, for the first time ever, in relation to the two newly discovered anti-aging vitamins. A balanced diet will not provide MePA or MePiA today. While it is true that all other essential nutrients can be obtained by eating a balanced diet, the only way the anti-aging vitamins can be obtained today is via deliberate dietary supplementation. You either introduce MePA and MePiA into your diet as a dietary supplement or you suffer and eventually die of aging.

A Call to Necessary Action

The anti-aging vitamins are new and therefore seem unknown. We humans tend to fear the unknown. We shy away from the unfamiliar. This instinct, which generally serves us well, is, in this instance, deadly.

You must begin to take the anti-aging vitamins just as soon as you can. You must commit to taking them daily, for the rest of your life. Sane, clear-headed thinking leaves no alternative. If you had an incurable cancer, and you learned of a just-discovered cure for that cancer, would you wait?

Many who are now living will yet be victims of aging, some because they heard about the anti-aging vitamins too late (or not at all), and some because, having heard in time, they yet failed to take appropriate action.

I have spent decades researching this deadly disease. It is not to be toyed with. Do not wait. ◇

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