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The BC


What is now The Biblical Chronologist began with the research of Dr. Aardsma in the late 1980's. His revolutionary missing millennium discovery in 1990 immediately promised to shed new light on many long-standing problems between the Bible and secular studies. In 1995, Dr. Aardsma began devoting his full time to researching the implications of his discovery for these problems and publishing the results. He founded Aardsma Research and Publishing (ARP) early in 1995, and the first issue of The Biblical Chronologist newsletter was published in February of that year.

1995 through 1999

Dr. Aardsma's concentrated research in the five years from 1995 through 1999 produced remarkable results. He has described this half-decade as the "golden years of research discovery." Following the foundational missing millennium discovery, other pieces began to fall into place as Dr. Aardsma worked systematically back into ever more ancient times. For example:

  • The walls which fell before Joshua and his army at Jericho were located.
  • The Israelite exodus from Egypt was clearly identified in Egyptian history, and the early part of the route of the exodus was mapped.
  • A new candidate for the biblical Mt. Sinai was proposed, and many remains of the Israelite encampment there were found.
  • The famine which Joseph foretold as a result of Pharaoh's dream was located in the archaeology of Palestine, and associated with an atmospheric radiocarbon anomaly.
  • The timing, nature, and mechanism of Noah's Flood were brought to light. A non-traditional candidate for the Biblical Mt. Ararat was identified, and a computer- and satellite-aided search for Noah's Ark was inaugurated.
By early 1999 the ultimate goal of a complete unification of secular and biblical chronologies of earth history had been achieved. Dr. Aardsma's research was published in The Biblical Chronologist newsletter at every step along the way.

2000 to the Present

In 2000, with the nature of the Flood clearly understood for the first time, Dr. Aardsma began to turn his attention increasingly to the question of why people lived so much longer prior to the Flood than they do today. The Flood had clearly altered something in some way to bring about this change. What exactly had it altered, and, most importantly, might anything be done to correct the problem and restore human lifespans to pre-Flood values today? In 2003, research into these questions having made very significant progress, bimonthly publication of The Biblical Chronologist newsletter was halted to free up Dr. Aardsma's time completely to pursue this vital research question. His work in this field carries on today. Much exciting progress has been, and is being made. Dr. Aardsma plans to publish new issues of The Biblical Chronologist infrequently and erratically during this period as he focuses his attention as much as possible on this long-standing human longevity mystery.

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