A New Approach to the Chronology of Biblical History from Abraham to Samuel.  112 pages. $29.95. Click for details. The Exodus Happened 2450 B.C.  94 pages. $29.95. Click for details. Noah Aging: Cause and Cure.  143 pages. Free download. Click for details. Bread from Heaven: The Manna Mystery Solved. 111 pages. Click for details.
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Truth In Time

The public speaking arm of the BC is called "Truth In Time." Steve Hall, son-in-law of Dr. Aardsma, heads this unique speaking ministry.

Steve worked as a pastor for decades and is a capable communicator with a heart for people and a love of truth. Steve and his wife, Jennifer, are both gifted musicians, raising a family of similarly gifted children. They bless audiences not only with the spoken word but also with beautiful live music. To book Truth In Time for your event visit the Truth In Time website.

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