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Resources: Books: Aging: Cause and Cure, Second Edition

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Web published October 2, 2021.


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Web published October 2, 2021.


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Title: Aging: Cause and Cure

Authors: Gerald E. Aardsma, Ph.D. and Matthew P. Aardsma, Ph.D.

Date of Publication: First edition 2017; Second edition 2021.

Subject Area: Human aging; Biblical life span data.

Description: Ancient life span data from the Bible are used to solve the mystery of human aging and to provide its cure.

From the Back Cover: Have you ever felt helpless as you watched a loved one suffer and die due to aging? Do you dread the aging process in your own body? The question of how to prevent aging and extend human life spans is a topic of intense research activity today. Why do our bodies begin to break down after only a few short decades of life? All investigators admit the problem is one of extreme difficulty. In this book, a father and son team of research scientists, Gerald and Matthew Aardsma, tackle this problem from an angle unexplored by other scientists, enabling them to succeed where others have failed. They begin with ancient life span data recorded in the Bible and show how to answer the question, "What caused these ancient people to live so much longer than we do today?" They then show how the answer is being applied to restore health and longevity here and now. This book will show you, step by step, what aging is and what the specific cure is. Suffering and death due to aging are no longer inevitable for you and your loved ones, or for the world today.

Number of Pages: 326

Format: Paper; soft cover.

ISBN: 978-0-9647665-9-4.

First Edition Archive

The following was archived October 2, 2021.

When Aging: Cause and Cure was published midway through 2017, heralding Dr. Gerald Aardsma's discovery of an anti-aging vitamin, it was thought to be the final answer to why humans age and how to cure human aging. But aging turned out to be a more complicated disease than anticipated. A second anti-aging vitamin was discovered by Dr. Aardsma, necessitating publication of an addendum when Aging: Cause and Cure was but two years old.

Again it was felt that the final answer to human aging was in hand, and again this proved to be incorrect. Less than a year later, Dr. Aardsma's further research revealed that aging is a two-phase disease, the lack of the anti-aging vitamins in childhood eventually inducing a mitochondrial disease.

At present, aging is understood to be a syndrome of three diseases. The anti-aging vitamins are the known cure for two of these three diseases. The third disease---the induced mitochondrial disease---is the current focus of research.

Announces discovery of the first anti-aging vitamin: MePA.

Announces discovery of the second anti-aging vitamin: MePiA.

Announces discovery that aging is a two-phase syndrome of three diseases.

Open Access PDF

Open Access PDF

Open Access PDF

Open Access HTML

Open Access HTML

Open Access HTML

Title: Aging: Cause and Cure

Author: Gerald E. Aardsma, Ph.D.

Date of Publication: 2017

Subject Area: Human aging; Biblical life span data.

Description: In this revolutionary book, the culmination of decades of research, Gerald Aardsma tackles the mystery of aging using ancient life span data from the Bible.

From the Back Cover: "All investigators admit that the problem of how to extend human life spans is one of extreme difficulty. Reliable data from subjects living beyond even 150 years---the sort of data one really needs to have any serious hope of cracking the problem---cannot be obtained today. Many researchers have already spent much time groping about in the dark for some clue to the mystery of human longevity. Unfortunately, they have nothing to show for their efforts. Millions of individuals continue to die each year, most before they have lived even 80 years, as has been the case for thousands of years. Only one soft ray of light transgresses this blackness. It glimmers unobtrusively but faithfully from a lone window which looks out dimly upon an ancient world where thousands of multi-centenarians once worked and played. I suggest the time may have come to take a careful look through this window. It seems to be our only possible hope. And perhaps it was put there for this very purpose." (From Chapter 1)

Number of Pages: 143

Format: Paper; soft cover.

ISBN: 978-0-9647665-8-7.


Table of Contents

   List of Tables 5   
   List of Figures 7   
   Dedication 9   
   Acknowledgments 11   
   Preface 13   
    1  Beginnings 17   
    2  The Data 27   
    3  The Biblical Life Expectancy Graph 35   
    4  The Central Hypothesis 41   
    5  Properties of Vitamin X 49   
    6  The Environmental Abundance of Vitamin X 55   
    7  The Natural Synthesis and Distribution of Vitamin X 63   
    8  What the Flood Broke 67   
    9  Vitamin X Revealed 71   
   10  Modeling the Biblical Life Expectancy Data 79   
   11 Of Mice and Men 91   
   12 Potential Longevity 97   
   13 Growing Youthful 103   
   14 Dose Rate 107   
   15 Personal Testimonial 113   
   Appendix MeP 20170105.F95 119   
   Index 133   

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