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Resources: Books: Noah's Flood Happened 3520 B.C.

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Title: Noah's Flood Happened 3520 B.C.

Author: Gerald E. Aardsma, Ph.D.

Date of Publication: 2015

Subject Area: Biblical history; Noah's flood; Geophysics.

Description: Noah's Flood Happened 3520 B.C. shows that the Flood is a real historical event which happened 3520 B.C. It shows that the Genesis narrative of the Flood is an accurate, eyewitness account of the phenomenon it describes. And it shows that the Flood was a catastrophe of global proportions with potentially serious implications for modern civilization.

From the Back Cover: Is the Genesis account of the Flood a myth, or is it reliable history? In this ground-breaking book, the culmination of decades of research, Dr. Aardsma presents the truth about the Flood. You will discover solid answers to questions such as: What was the Flood really like? Was the Flood global in extent? Where did all the water come from? And where did all the water go when the Flood was over? Is there any scientific evidence for the Flood today? What physical mechanism lay behind the Flood? You will discover that the Flood did happen, just as the Bible says. The evidence is truly overwhelming.

Number of Pages: 380

Format: Paper; soft cover.

ISBN: 978-0-9647665-7-0.


Table of Contents

   List of Figures 7   
   List of Tables 9   
   Dedication 11   
   Acknowledgements 13   
   Preface 15   
   Part 1   
   The Historicity of Noah's Flood   
    1  Noah's Flood Today 27   
    2  How Not to Find Noah's Flood 29   
    3  Dating Noah's Flood 35   
    4  Finding Noah's Flood 43   
    5  Noah's Flood in South Mesopotamia 47   
    6  Check: Archaeological Periods 53   
    7  Noah's Flood in Palestine 55   
    8  Check: Filling of the Dead Sea Depression 61   
    9  Objection: Dead Sea Sediments and Old Shorelines 69   
   10  Objection: Salt-Covered Snail Shells 79   
   11 Noah's Flood in Ireland 83   
   12 Check: Pine Stumps 93   
   13 Objection: The Bible Teaches That the Flood Was a Cataclysm 97   
   14 Conclusion to Part 1 105   
   Part 2   
   The Genesis Record of Noah's Flood   
   15 The Date and Origin of the Genesis Flood Account 109   
   16 Chronology of Noah's Flood 113   
   17 A Matter of Interpretation 125   
   18 Conclusion to Part 2 129   
   Part 3   
   The Geographical Extent of Noah's Flood   
   19 Noah's Flood at Devon Island 133   
   20 Objection: Noah's Flood is Missing at Ellesmere Island 147   
   21 Noah's Flood at Elk Lake, Minnesota 163   
   22 Check: Cysts at Elk Lake 185   
   23 Objection: Noah's Flood Is Missing at Oyster Pond 193   
   24 A Hemispherical Flood 197   
   25 Objection: Genesis Teaches That the Flood Was Global 201   
   26 Conclusion to Part 3 209   
   Part 4   
   The Mechanism of Noah's Flood   
   27 How to Cause a Hemispherical Flood 213   
   28 Check: Depth of Noah's Flood 219   
   29 Check: Behavior of the Atmosphere 229   
   30 How the Inner Core Was Displaced 233   
   31 Viscosity of the Outer Core 241   
   32 How to Nudge the Inner Core Off Center 245   
   33 Check: Energy Considerations 253   
   34 Check: Flood Antipodes 257   
   35 Check: Zoogeography and Noah's Flood 267   
   36 Conclusion to Part 4 271   
   Part 5   
   The Nature of Noah's Flood   
   37 What Noah's Flood Was Not 275   
   38 The True Nature of Noah's Flood 279   
   39 Conclusion to Part 5 285   
   Part 6   
   The Hazard of Noah's Flood   
   40 Was Noah's Flood a Singular Event? 289   
   41 The Recent Frequency of Noahic Events 299   
   42 Conclusion to Part 6 303   
   43 Radiocarbon Dating Noah's Flood 307   
   Appendices 315   
    A Critical Height for a Submerged Ice Sheet to Remain Frozen to Its Bed 317   
    B Dating Devon Island Ice Core D72 321   
    C Using Radiocarbon to Correct the Elk Lake Annual Layer Chronology 325   
    D WARP1.FOR 331   
    E WARP1.txt 339   
    F Finding the Ark's Resting Place 345   
    G Depth of the Flood at Mount Cilo Versus Time 359   
   Index 364   

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