A New Approach to the Chronology of Biblical History from Abraham to Samuel.  112 pages. $29.95. Click for details. The Exodus Happened 2450 B.C.  94 pages. $29.95. Click for details. Noah Aging: Cause and Cure.  143 pages. Free download. Click for details. Bread from Heaven: The Manna Mystery Solved. 111 pages. Click for details.
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The BC Newsletters

The Biblical Chronologist newsletter (ISSN 1081-762X) is edited by Gerald Aardsma, a Ph.D. scientist (physics), and is published by Aardsma Research & Publishing.

The BC newsletters contain reports of much original research. They serve as the primary source from which articles for the 'Topics' section of this web site have been abstracted, and they often serve as a primary source for eventual books on a given topic made available through this web site. They enable you to get at the details, learn more, and dig deeper. Most issues were written for a general audience, making them easily understood by the layperson. A few are more specialized and mathematical, but even these are designed to allow a lay reader to follow the gist of the discussion. Their hallmark is the reporting of research as it happens---including wrong turns and mistaken theories, but also those hard-won moments when light finally dawns.

Because older issues of The BC newsletter may contain what are now known to be wrong turns and mistaken theories, the reader is advised to begin with The BC books (see quick-link icons in the banner). These contain the most accurate information on the topics they present up to their publication dates.

Publication DateBrowse & Search  Download & PrintTitle of Lead Article
January/February 1995BC11.HTMLBC11.PDF Mount Sodom Confirms Missing Millennium
March/April 1995BC12.HTMLBC12.PDF The Age of the Earth Doctrine in the Early Church
May/June 1995BC13.HTMLBC13.PDF Chronology of the Bible: 3000—1000 B.C.
July/August 1995BC14.HTMLBC14.PDF The Chronology of Palestine in Relation to the Bible: 3000—1000 B.C.
September/October 1995BC15.HTMLBC15.PDF Leviah—City of Og
November/December 1995BC16.HTMLBC16.PDF Yeroham—The True Mt. Sinai?
January/February 1996BC21.HTMLBC21.PDF The Route of the Exodus
March/April 1996BC22.HTMLBC22.PDF The Chronology of Egypt in Relation to the Bible: 3000—1000 B.C.
May/June 1996BC23.HTMLBC23.PDF Wood's Jericho Tumbles
July/August 1996BC24.HTMLBC24.PDF Chronology of the Bible: 5000—3000 B.C.
September/October 1996BC25.HTMLBC25.PDF "Pharaohs and Kings" A Biblical Quest?
November/December 1996BC26.HTMLBC26.PDF Noah's Flood at Elk Lake
January/February 1997BC31.HTMLBC31.PDF Chronology of Noah's Flood
March/April 1997BC32.HTMLBC32.PDF The Ark on Ararat?
May/June 1997BC33.HTMLBC33.PDF The Depth of Noah's Flood
July/August 1997BC34.HTMLBC34.PDF Noah's Flood at Devon Island
September/October 1997BC35.HTMLBC35.PDF The Cause of Noah's Flood
November/December 1997BC36.HTMLBC36.PDF Radiocarbon Dating Noah's Flood
January/February 1998BC41.HTMLBC41.PDF Zoogeography and Noah's Flood
March/April 1998BC42.HTMLBC42.PDF Space Rock Impacts and Noah's Flood
May/June 1998BC43.HTMLBC43.PDF The Location of Eden
July/August 1998BC44.HTMLBC44.PDF Toward Unification of Pre-Flood Chronology
September/October 1998BC45.HTMLBC45.PDF Toward Unification of Pre-Flood Chronology: Part II
November/December 1998BC46.HTMLBC46.PDF Toward Unification of Pre-Flood Chronology: Part III
January/February 1999BC51.HTMLBC51.PDF Toward Unification of Pre-Flood Chronology: Part IV
March/April 1999BC52.HTMLBC52.PDF A Unification of Pre-Flood Chronology
May/June 1999BC53.HTMLBC53.PDF Noah's Flood: The Irish Evidence
July/August 1999BC54.HTMLBC54.PDF The Pre-Flood Settlement of Ireland
September/October 1999BC55.HTMLBC55.PDF The Post-Flood Settlement of Ireland
November/December 1999BC56.HTMLBC56.PDF The Opening Minutes of Noah's Flood at Céidi Fields, Ireland
January/February 2000BC61.HTMLBC61.PDF Elk Lake Revisited
March/April 2000BC62.HTMLBC62.PDF Radiocarbon Dating Noah's Flood – Part II
May/June 2000BC63.HTMLBC63.PDF The Bamah of Moses at Mount Sinai
July/August 2000BC64.HTMLBC64.PDF Yeroham: The True Mt. Sinai
September/October 2000BC65.HTMLBC65.PDF Report on the Excursion to Mt. Yeroham – Part I
November/December 2000BC66.HTMLBC66.PDF Report on the Excursion to Mt. Yeroham – Part II
January/February 2001BC71.HTMLBC71.PDF Report on the Excursion to Mt. Yeroham – Part III
March/April 2001BC72.HTMLBC72.PDF The Cause of Reduced Post-Flood Lifespans – Part I
May/June 2001BC73.HTMLBC73.PDF In Search of Noah's Ark
July/August 2001BC74.HTMLBC74.PDF The Cause of Reduced Post-Flood Lifespans – Part II
September/October 2001BC75.HTMLBC75.PDF The Cause of Reduced Post-Flood Lifespans – Part III
November/December 2001BC76.HTMLBC76.PDF Earliest Writing Confirms Missing Millennium
January/February 2002BC81.HTMLBC81.PDF The Cause of Reduced Post-Flood Lifespans – Part IV
March/April 2002BC82.HTMLBC82.PDF Radiocarbon Dating the Exodus
May/June 2002BC83.HTMLBC83.PDF The Cause of Reduced Post-Flood Lifespans – Part V
July/August 2002BC84.HTMLBC84.PDF Otzi the Iceman, and Biblical Chronology
September/October 2002BC85.HTMLBC85.PDF The Age of the Earth, Virtual History, and Hebrews 11:3
November/December 2002BC86.HTMLBC86.PDF The Origin and Antiquity of the Biblical Text
May 2008BC91.HTMLBC91.PDF The Crater at Mt. Yeroham – Part I
January 30, 2020BC101.HTMLBC101.PDF Report on the Quest to Find the Cause of Human Aging
February 12, 2020BC102.HTMLBC102.PDF A General Theory of Aging: Part I
March 4, 2020BC103.HTMLBC103.PDF A General Theory of Aging: Part II
March 28, 2020BC104.HTMLBC104.PDF Does MePA Fight COVID-19?
March 31, 2020BC105.HTMLBC105.PDF A General Theory of Aging: Part III
April 7, 2020BC106.HTMLBC106.PDF Effect of the Anti-Aging Vitamins on Life Expectancy Today
April 24, 2020BC107.HTMLBC107.PDF Modeling Survival Curves in Light of the General Theory of Aging
May 13, 2020BC108.HTMLBC108.PDF Human Aging is a Two-Phase Disease
May 19, 2020BC109.HTMLBC109.PDF ELLM: the Extraordinarily Long-Lived Mouse
June 10, 2020BC1010.HTMLBC1010.PDF Intake Recommendations for Dr. Aardsma's Anti-Aging Vitamins
June 22, 2020BC1011.HTMLBC1011.PDF The FDA New Dietary Ingredient Notification for Vitamin MePA
June 23, 2020BC1012.HTMLBC1012.PDF The FDA New Dietary Ingredient Notification for Vitamin MePiA
July 16, 2020BC1013.HTMLBC1013.PDF Inner Core Instability and the Origin of Plate Tectonics, Antipodal Hotspots, Earth's Magnetic Field, and the Moon
July 24, 2020BC1014.HTMLBC1014.PDF Infant and Toddler Intake Recommendations for Dr. Aardsma's Anti-Aging Vitamins
October 28, 2020BC1015.HTMLBC1015.PDF Actuarial Data Show That Vitamin MePA Deficiency Disease Is Needlessly Killing a Quarter Million Americans Annually
November 18, 2020BC1016.HTMLBC1016.PDF A Theory of Aging 2
November 26, 2020BC1017.HTMLBC1017.PDF Vitamin MePiA Cures Aging 2
October 14, 2021BC111.HTMLBC111.PDF Psalm 90 Is About Loss of Human Longevity Following Noah's Flood
April 26, 2022BC121.HTMLBC121.PDF First Measurement of Vitamin MePA Excreted in Human Urine Confirms Adequacy of RDI
June 21, 2022BC122.HTMLBC122.PDF The RDIs for Vitamins MePA and MePiA Have Now Been Reduced
February 7, 2023BC131.HTMLBC131.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part II: The Encampment at Etham
February 16, 2023BC132.HTMLBC132.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part III: The Location of Elim
March 14, 2023BC133.HTMLBC133.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part IV: The Identification of Rephidim
March 28, 2023BC134.HTMLBC134.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part V: The Location of Kadesh-barnea
June 13, 2023BC135.HTMLBC135.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part VI: The Location of Marah
July 11, 2023BC136.HTMLBC136.PDF Understanding the Red/Reed Sea Crossing
September 8, 2023BC137.HTMLBC137.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part VII: The Location of Mount Hor
November 15, 2023BC138.HTMLBC138.PDF Understanding the Pillar of Cloud
November 28, 2023BC139.HTMLBC139.PDF The Cause of Israel's Zero Population Growth During the Exodus
December 19, 2023BC1310.HTMLBC1310.PDF Understanding the Pillar of Fire
January 23, 2024BC141.HTMLBC141.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part VIII: The Location of Ezion-geber (and Elath)
January 30, 2024BC142.HTMLBC142.PDF The Locations of the Wilderness of Shur, the City of Shur, and the Wilderness of Etham
February 6, 2024BC143.HTMLBC143.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part IX: The Location of the Wilderness of Sin Encampment (and the Meaning of ``Sin'')
February 13, 2024BC144.HTMLBC144.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part X: The Location of the ``Red Sea'' Encampment (and the Meaning of Yam Suph)
March 21, 2024BC145.HTMLBC145.PDF Bible/Science Corrects Mistaken Climate Change Science
April 3, 2024BC146.HTMLBC146.PDF The RDI for Vitamin MePiA Has Now Been Reduced
April 30, 2024BC147.HTMLBC147.PDF The Location of the Ascent of Akrabbim
May 28, 2024BC148.HTMLBC148.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part XI: The Location of the Plains of Moab Encampment (and the Path Taken to Get There)
June 11, 2024BC149.HTMLBC149.PDF The Location of the Final ``Red Sea'' of the Exodus
June 18, 2024BC1410.HTMLBC1410.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part XII: The Locations of the Mountains of Abarim, the Mountains of Abarim Encampment, Mount Pisgah, Mount Nebo, and the Arnon River
July 9, 2024BC1411.HTMLBC1411.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part XIII: The Locations of the Dibon-gad and Almon-diblathaim Encampments, the Brook Zered, and the Wilderness of Kedemoth
July 16, 2024BC1412.HTMLBC1412.PDF The Route of the Exodus, Part XIV: The Location of the Iye-abarim Encampment
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