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The People Who Died at Ai

Mark Aardsma, eldest son of Dr. Gerald E. Aardsma, was invited to 'lecture' to the Biblical Chronology 101 'class' in 2002. Mark presented a three-part series beginning in The Biblical Chronologist Volume 8, Number 3 and running for the next two issues. The series was called, "The Resurrection of Ai." The following feature is an outgrowth of that original series.

A Look at an Ancient Way of Life

The following pages offer a look at the lives of the people of Ai---people who died there at the hands of Joshua's Israelite army. Most details of their everyday lives have long been forgotten and lost. But you may be surprised at how much has been brought back to light by the careful work of archaeologists.

The Bible doesn't tell us very much about the people who died at Ai. It emphasizes that the men of Israel "slew them until no one was left" (Joshua 8:24). Who were these people? How did they live, work, and worship?

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