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BC Time Charts

An Integrated View of Biblical and Secular History

Reap the benefits of decades of research! By placing biblical and secular history side by side, with each event at its proper date, these time charts enable you to see the proper harmonization of biblical and secular histories at a glance. Indispensable for reference and study. Each time chart includes the issue of The Biblical Chronologist in which it originally appeared, allowing you to quickly access the original discussion of the dates and events on the chart.

Charts are available in PDF format for immediate download. Each time chart is printed black on white on an 8.5 by 11 inch page.

You will be e-mailed a receipt from immediately following successful payment. The receipt will contain a link to download your time chart.


Chronology of the Bible: 3000-1000 B.C.

TC001: (0.34 MB PDF): $1.99

Chronology of Palestine in Relation to the Bible: 3000-1000 B.C.

TC002: (0.37 MB PDF): $1.99

Chronology of Egypt in Relation to the Bible: 3000-1000 B.C.

TC003: (0.43 MB PDF): $1.99

Chronology of the Bible: 5000-3000 B.C.

TC004: (0.33 MB PDF): $1.99

Chronology of Noah's Observations of the Flood

TC005: (0.21 MB PDF): $1.99

Chronology of pre-Flood Biblical History: 5200-3500 B.C.

TC006: (0.32 MB PDF): $1.99

Chronology of South Mesopatamia in Relation to the Bible: 6300-3400 B.C.

TC007: (0.41 MB PDF): $1.99

Chronology of Jericho in Relation to the Bible: 9500-1500 B.C.

TC008: (0.86 MB PDF): $1.99

Biblical Chronology: A Panoramic Overview

TC009: (0.38 MB PDF): $1.99

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