A New Approach to the Chronology of Biblical History from Abraham to Samuel.  112 pages. $29.95. Click for details. The Exodus Happened 2450 B.C.  94 pages. $29.95. Click for details. Noah Aging: Cause and Cure.  143 pages. Free download. Click for details. Click for a quick introduction to vitamin MePA. Click to purchase vitamin MePA. Click to give a gift of support.
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Vitamin MePA Testimonials


Shauna is 39 years old. She mailed the following testimonial with her re-order of Dr. Aardsma's Vitamin MePA Dietary Supplement on April 5, 2018.

Thank you so much for your vitamin. I have used it for about 5 months and have now run out.

The main thing I noticed is how much better I sleep! And I actually thought that I slept well! It makes a huge difference! I do not know of any other clear effects for me. However, that in itself is enough to keep me interested!

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